Richmond may be well-known as the Lower Mainland’s Asia Pacific gateway and an island precariously situated at sea level, but perhaps less known is that the once-major port city is home to a long-standing Scottish farming community, and that an increasing number of Somali refugees are beginning to call Richmond home. The city’s diverse geographic and social makeup makes this not only an interesting place to live, but also boasts a unique history in the making.
To celebrate this diverse island community, the Richmond Life Stories project was created to profile and highlight some of the diverse life histories of Richmond residents – how we got here, how we love and want to change about the city, and why we call it home.
Over the summer, we began to run public workshops, starting with youth at the Richmond Youth Media Program. The participants got to learn how to conduct an interview and use a Zoom H4N recorder. Check out some of the photos from the event, and the audio interviews on our website:

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