Watch how sharing skills and knowledge can help build connected and engaged communities.
We asked documentary film-maker Pia Massie to make a short series of films to show people what Neighbourhood Small Grants are all about.
This film shows how sharing skills and knowledge are an important way residents can build connected and engaged communities. Learning how to preserve summer fruits and vegetables, dyeing fabric, arts and craft, etc. are all great ways to spend time getting to know the people in your community. What’s even better is knowing that by sharing skills and knowledge across different cultures and generations, we build stronger communities.

“Sharing what you know and love doing is a gift for the people you share it with, and yourself.”
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Neighbourhood Small Grants support residents like you who have small but powerful ideas to bring people together and make your community vibrant and engaged. Through the support of a Neighbourhood Small Grant (from $50 to $1,000), you can tap into your creativity and leadership to develop projects that meet the needs of your community.
Got a great idea? There are two granting streams available – Neighbourhood Small Grants and Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants.
Small grants encourage residents to come up with their own ideas to strengthen and build vital connections in their own community. Vancouver Foundation then funds those ideas so you can make them reality.
Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants are part of the Greenest City Fund, a Vancouver Foundation partnership with the City of Vancouver to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020.
If you’re a resident of Vancouver and have a project idea that has a green impact, apply for a Greenest City grant. From ideas like introducing composting in your office to growing local food to planting trees, the green possibilities are endless!
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