When I heard from my mentee about the grant available through Neighbourhood Small Grants in BC, I started thinking about a creative, relaxing and empowering project. It was the last day of the application.
I felt after the years of pandemic limitations, a relaxing, mindful creativity would be beneficial.
The question was, when is the best time to do this?

Offering a silk painting workshop wasn’t anything new to me. I did many of those for children, women, artists, and seniors groups. I know, a silk painting workshop for beginners i’s fun, relaxing and very meditative. There are no problems when the person focuses on the creation.

With the focus on providing creative mindfulness time for stress relief, the title for my workshop was “Silk Painting for Relaxation.” After the stressful time of the pandemic, we all deserve relaxing mindfulness time, and the silk painting is just perfect for it.

First, I decided on the type of project that could be completed within five hours and created a material list with a process framework.
Considering the planned six workstations, I decided to approach the visitor center, which the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark manages for the availability of space. I picked from the available dates a weekend in July, Saturday, July 9th. Actually, I made the reservation for Saturday and Sunday in case I’d have to make changes.

Having the concept of the event, the date and the sponsors, I was ready to create the posters for print and social media.

After the design (I used Canva and Postermywall), I created the event on social media and published it on Eventbright for people to sign up so I’d have the emails and contacts. I also made a video invitation that I posted on social media.

I printed posters for some public places and contacted my local friends. I shared my event on social media twice (on the 4th and the 6th of July)

I planned for six workstations which were 4 x 8 tables, and all spaces were filled one day before the registration closing (Friday, July 8th.).

The day before the event, I had all the supplies and tools in boxes piled up at the door, ready to load. On the day of the workshop, I started getting the lunches and refreshments for the participants early in the morning and then drove to the visitor center to set up.
Eight hours and six happy women later, I was back home unloading my car, happy and satisfied, inspired by the fantastic lively atmosphere and comments from the lovely participants.
What a great experience!

With much appreciation, I want to thank the sponsors, the participants and everyone who made this fantastic event possible. Thank you!
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