Silly Smiley Sunflowers germinated from an idea by 4-year-old Tessa, during the summer of 2020. The pandemic sparked an interest in her wanting to share her joy of flowers with her community. So, in the fall we wrote the Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant to make her dream of sharing flowers a reality. After being awarded the grant, Covid and its rigid restrictions required us to be careful in our process. Partnering with another family we sowed, 60 sunflowers—varieties from Teddy Bear to Giganteus. Over the course of several weeks, the sunflower seeds germinated into young starters. The Silly Smiley Sunflowers were delivered to doorsteps to bring cheer to the neighbours in the Alexander Neighbourhood. Colourful brochures accompanied the sunflowers. The brochures included visual how-to steps and a note of recognition to the City of Abbotsford, Vancouver Foundation, and Abbotsford Community Foundation for their support. In addition, over 30 packs of seeds were shared with the community. With the remaining seeds, Tessa’s wish is to plant them in our garden and give out fresh flowers to neighbours once they have bloomed in summer. We hope Tessa’s idea of sharing flowers brings delight and a smile to our neighbours.
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