‘Mommy, it’s so funny. I used fake money to get real ice cream.’

Parties and balloons must go together like fries and ketchup, macaroni and cheese, and Fish and chips.
This is our second NSG workshop and we got even more help from our neighbours. Some helped find a venue, others brought extra food for us to enjoy, many volunteers came early to set up, and lots stayed late to clean up.
Our workshop was extremely successful. We invited anyone from our community to the Sunday workshop, either for people who just simply enjoy balloons, especially children, and teach them the basics of twisted balloon art or for others who want to learn something new.

There were two groups. One group was the arch balloon team which taught the simple balloon arch skills to prepare a simple birthday party decoration for their children or loved ones. When they finished the arch, people joined the second group, the twisting team, to learn summer theme balloons—- popsicles and Disney ice cream. The twisted balloons were popular with families and their kids.
During the workshop, everyone was shocked by the simple and quick way to create an organic-looking balloon arch. Children had a blast with their parents making a fun Disney character balloon ice cream, such as Donald & Daisy Duck. After they finish the twisting balloons, they can go to the ‘party money station’ to get 10 dollars play money for lining up to buy real ice cream, which was served by our cute little neighbours. That was the special reward after hard work with balloons. Kids were so happy and telling their parents, ‘Mommy, it’s so funny. I used fake money to get real ice cream.’
Our main goal was while enjoying the fun of our neighbourhood gathering; we would teach and learn from our neighbours the basic skills to set up balloon decorations, in turn strengthening bonds within our community.

We also donated this balloon arch which we made to WD Ferries Elementary School’s concert. The concert is on Thursday the following week after our Sunday workshop.


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