“What a wonderful party that was!” (event attendee)
The 2900 block of Graham St. was jumpin’ and jivin’ on the evening of Saturday 10th September, as residents gathered to celebrate the diverse musical talents of the neighbourhood.
Building on the popularity of our December 2015 Lantern Party, the residents of Graham St. invited the local community to an all ages musical get-together complete with a potluck dinner. This was the inaugural “Singing in the Streets”. It proved so popular that neighbours are already looking forward to next year’s event!
Around 100 community members came out to share food and enjoy a variety of singers, bands and musicians (as well as dancing dogs!). Performers included: vocal ensembles The Sassy Singers, The Quadra Four and Winterlong; blue grass band Little Crow; country and blues outfit The Urban Song Birds; teen jazz ensemble The Phatfunks; and young indie pop band Tilted Frame. In addition, an open mic session attracted several young performers.
Not only did the event provide a musical treat for all attendees, it also enabled neighbours to reconnect, meet and chat for the first time, and simply enjoy some unstructured social time together. In addition, those who organized the event got to contribute their skills, learn more about each other, and experience the satisfaction of contributing to the life of the neighbourhood.
While the community has held modest block parties in the past, the Neighbourhood Small Grant enabled us to dream big and convene a memorable evening for Graham St residents, neighbours and friends.
One piece of feedback captures it all perfectly:
“Singing in the Streets was a great event! I was so happy to be a part of it and have told many friends what a lovely community feeling was generated by the music. People were literally coming out from their homes into the street to listen, chat, share food, and have fun. Toddlers, youth, adults and seniors all enjoying an evening together in their neighbourhood. What a great concept. Hope this is just the beginning for what might become an annual event?”

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