Project Leader: Ashlee Thiessen

I want to thank you and the team from Neighborhood Small Grants and the Community Foundation North Okanagan for the opportunity to serve and encourage our community this Summer!  It was encouraging to us as well, to be able to pass out a bit of cheer through a tough season of pandemics and forest fires!

Through the funds that were given, 2 of us (Brenda and I) were able to purchase some great items to fill 20 colourful baskets with goodies for young families here in Armstrong. We had some frisbees, ball throwers, bubbles, colouring books, stickers, etc. and then added the snacks-cookies, granola bars, fruit cups, puddings, gummy candies, fruit leather, apple sauces, cracker pkgs-all kinds of fun snacks!  I then had 2 little girls help me assemble the baskets.  I put together a card that was tucked inside each basket (in photos) to recognize the foundations support, with a little message inside

Brenda and I shared a Facebook post about nominating someone in our community who needed a bit of encouragement, so that is where we received most of our names from.   There were a couple of baskets left, so I was able to bring them to our local thrift store where they have a wonderful ‘Food Corner’ set up for those in need, who can help themselves to whatever donated items are there.  The owners were able to have these baskets available to those who would come into the store with young families, to help them along with school lunch snacks and to put a smile on their face!

Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to having the opportunity to serve our community in this way another time.

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