This South Vancouver neighbourhood held a BBQ with a photo booth. The theme of the event was making new connections between neighbours and within the South Vancouver community. The photo booth was very popular amongst the young and young at heart. Our management company was holding a BBQ for our complex and we piggybacked on that and, rented a photo booth with the NSG money.
The idea was that neighbours who didn’t know each other were encouraged to take a picture together. It was really fun and great to see the community get to know one another. As people took the pics they started to write down each other’s names, phone numbers and addresses on the back of the photo. That was great to see them taking it one step further and really connecting. It was a great success.
Although it was difficult to get an exact count of attendees as it was a come and go event, I would say the age ranged 0-60 and there were approximately 60-70 people during the height of the event!

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