Wow! I couldn’t believe it actually happened!
I got most of the activity ideas from the book “Canadian Most Popular Celebrated Activities” and also thanks to neighbours who put forth such awesome ideas as “Street Hockey” and “BBQ”. Of course, these last two events are Canadians most popular and well-known summer activities.
This is our multi-cultural day of celebration; we sang our national song, shared Canada’s most popular sports and games, such as:
“Going to Jerusalem” – musical chairs
Making your own “150th Canadian Flag”
Boissevain (frog)
Islendingadagurinn (pillow fight), participants were welcome to bring own pillow.
Putting together a dried hydrangea boutique (for yourself to keep)
Rakhi (flower bracelet)
Reading camp – a good and quiet place for younger children to rest
W ater guns
Your Foot Print – where are you from? And where have your been? You can print your own colourful
foot prints/shoe markings around our world.
The adults prepared their native foods. Food is a beautiful way of demonstrating how different cultures can be as one. We had our beautiful birthday cake, accompanied with other delights such as chips with Old El Paso Tortilla Dip, curry chickpeas, Samosa, sandwiches, hot dogs, healthy salad and fresh fruit. Many thanks to the generous neighbours who have signed up to prepare and shared their original specialty dishes.
To show the roots of our multicultural society, we hung up flags of different nationalities all around the cul-de- sac along with colourful festivity banners.
In the circular, it was stated that the attendees would grant permission in their participation of the day’s activities to have their likeness/face potentially recorded, in still images. For those who do not wish to have their image appear on any of the photos can notify Rose. Otherwise, we presume that everyone had given consent for the Small Grant to use our photos as advertising or broadcasting purposes.
A week and half prior to the event, a circular was distributed among the neighbouring houses, to solicit any additional ideas they may have had wanted to be included, Although not many houses had returned our request for ideas for games – only 30 adults and 6 children. but on the actual day, the crowd turnout was a big one.
The Party kicked off at 9:30 a.m. Cake cutting was at 11:00 a.m. and then everyone joined in for yummy lunch. In between, some organized games had taken place. It was a sunny day, kids played with supplied water guns, while adults lounged in patio furniture that was brought in by some participants, to fully enjoy the perfect “patio weather”.
Those who attended agreed that this 150th Canada Day Block Party was a great success and another celebration be continued and held each year! 

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