Keeping in touch and stay connected through social media is especially important not only during the epidemic, but also after the epidemic. Therefore, we are having the series of Stay Connected Social Media Workshops.

With the support from Vancouver Foundation, Richmond Cares Richmond Gives, on August 7, 2021 WS Writers successfully hosted two Stay Connected Social Media Workshops:

Stay Connected Zoom Workshop (in English) by Dr. Maryam Aliabadi;
Stay Connected TikTok Workshop (in English and Mandarin) by Sophia Zhang.

Maryam covered very detailed Zoom meeting knowledge and answered all participants’ questions. Sophia focused on her 10 major tips of how to make a popular TikTok video. At the end, some participates expressed that they expect more workshops like these two.

On behalf of the Neighbourhood Small Grants Committee in Richmond, Marilyn Tse sent her greetings to all participants for their interest in connecting with others, in a year that has kept so many of us apart. Through the Vancouver Foundation’s Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants, they have been funding projects, that bring people together socially, or to share skills and talents. They were so pleased to hear, that there were a good number of people, who wanted to learn more about how to use Zoom/TikTok, especially when we are still going through a time, when many events are virtual. Social media platforms have become important avenues, for people to engage with each other, and their communities, and it is easy to fall behind, and feel overwhelmed with the new developments…

It’s around BC Day, to celebrate the history, tradition and culture of British Columbia, to support local small and medium-sized enterprises, and to encourage interested people to participate in relaxed workshops and stay connected, we prepared 10 bottles of local berry wine as lucky gifts and sent to the 10 lucky participants.
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