Steveston Scavenger Hunt’s (SSH) August Meet’n’Greet was a great success! A wonderful group of families came out to join in the fun.
The event started off with some wonderful conversations. It was so nice to see some familiar faces but especially great that we were able to put some faces to familiar names! SSH is mostly an ‘online’ group. The purpose of this event was to disconnect from technology and connect with ‘real’ people and we did just that!
Once everyone had some snacks and good conversation #TheHuntWASOn! It was great, teams raced all around Steveston Village and picked up clues left for them. Our first place team came in RUNNING for a clear victory!
What was most memorable, and I think truly representative of our group, was what one of the first place team member’s did next. Rather than sit down and solve his puzzle, turn it in and win; he waited for the next team and sat with them to make sure they solved it correctly so they could win as well.
We have a wonderful community here full of people who pop in occasionally and those who are diligently waiting each month for the Hunt but each and every member has shown tremendous heart and we could not be more thankful to be a part of something with such magic!
You can find us on Facebook @ Steveston Scavenger Hunts or on Twiter @StevestonHunts new members are always welcome! We do a GeoCaching style hunt each month (with a break for the Wet/Winter/Holiday Season)

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