The Responsive NSG grant stream remains open in select communities for projects that comply with physical distancing guidelines.

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Huiyu Yun

Kids love stories. We host Chinese story time every week for them. Our teacher chose the fantastic story materials and kids really enjoy the time. The project not only brought...

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Jena World Musical Festival Season 1

As it was the first of its kind an ‘ice-breaking’ musical event which unfortunately fell victim to COVID-19 pandemic, I as a project leader have had to face multiple challenges,...

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Woodworking Crafts

The principal idea of the project was to switch up the dynamic during the pandemic and get a few kids out of the house and let their parents take a...

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The Francophone Calendar of BC

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven hard for everyone but especially for British Columbia‘s French-speaking speaking community. The province has more than 300,000 French-speaking people, and events all came to a...

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Boundary Street Pianos’ First Piano!

This passion project went on without any hitches. Our community piano launched in Grand Forks thanks to the generosity of the Neighborhood Small Grants, and we thank them generously. We...

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Chemo Headgear for Women in Northern BC

First, I would like to thank the Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants Program for the support received in our communities in the Northern Heath Region. I received a Neighbourhood Small Grant...

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