We lived at a townhouse complex with 20 units. Although is a small complex but poeple hardly had a chance to talked to each other. As a strata council member, we try to see what we can do to enhance the connection between neighbour. Not just the one next door but for the whole complex.
The 2018 Neighbourhood Small Grant is our first application to such grant for the strata. Which provide an opportunity to help get the neighbours together.
Our project is “Strata-wide Clean-up” follow by “Community BBQ”. We put up a signs in the common area weeks in advance to alert the owners that the strata have arranged a junk removal company to take away any unwanted items. The initial estimate was about 1/4 of the truck load of stuff, based on the conversation with a few neighbours. On the day of the event, we designated a parking stall to place the items and within minutes, we have a mountain of junk. From sofa to TV, mattress to broken furniture, small appliance, etc. The feedback from the owner were very positive. Some of the items is too big for the owner to dispose of it themselves but too small to call a junk removal company. Many owners were very pleased with the arrangement. We end up dispose of FULL LOAD of the truck. We are over budget on this project but it is well worth it.
Follow the junk removal, we have a BBQ so the owner have a chance to grab a bite and talked to each other. We also setup a few stations to entertain the kids.
It was a successful event. Thanks NSG and Vancouver Foundation. We are already planning for next year gathering.

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