We hosted a Summer BBQ at the end of July to welcome 10 new families to our complex and also to connect and build relationships with the 36 families who have lived here for 2 years.
We invited the New Westminster Police to come and talk on Creating Safety in our Community and that was well received by the attendees. Constable Lau spoke for about 15 minutes and reminded all of us that Queensborough is a very safe and friendly community.
We had a children’s corner this year with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, colouring books and small balls. This centre was enjoyed by parents and 10 young children (under age 5). This was the first time many of these children had met each other and they were happy to meet friends in their neighbourhood.
We were pleased with the turnout as we had 7 of the 10 new families attend and we also had 28 of our 36 families also attend.
It was a great opportunity to welcome new families. Thank you Neighbour Grants Committee for making this a possibility.

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