Thanks to the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program, Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, and the Vancouver Foundation, we were able to treat our neighbours at Greenland Retirement Park to a Sunday afternoon Hymn Sing in our parking lot on June 13th. Three of our ladies made up pre-packaged bag lunches for each of the tenants, containing a sandwich, a fruit cup, cookies, cheese, chocolates, and a juice box. Three of our men delivered them to each condo at 1pm. We invited each tenant to come out onto their balcony or patio and eat their lunch and then at around 1:30pm we had a Hymn Sing led from the parking lot by Pastor Lem Moses and his family. One of our tenants, Bernie Thiessen also gave a short message. We had set up a coffee station outside too, so people could come individually with masks on to get a cup and take it back to their condo. It was a nice afternoon of feeling more connected to each other as people waved and talked to each other from their balcony or patio. At the end of the Hymn Sing people were invited to come to the common room to get an ice cream bar and coffee. Taking their coffee and ice cream bars outside and continuing to distance, many of the tenants were able to visit a little with others whose balconies or patios weren’t near theirs. There was a great sense of community as people participated in the event. Everyone enjoyed singing and worshipping, and being able to connect again with neighbours.
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