My project was to support a wonderful group of energetic and committed Radium Hot Springs residents who have joined to support our wonderful library. As in most small towns, volunteers are called upon to help support various organizations, events and groups. A couple of years back, a few residents decided they would take on fundraising for our public library to help with programming costs. This group spent many hours collecting bottles and cans, sorting and organizing and hauling load upon load to the recycle depot. It was not an easy or fun task, but they set about doing it with smiles and laughs and positive energy. They donated thousands of dollars to the library that year. Since then, this small group has grown to over 13 volunteers, and while they have moved on from collecting recyclables, they set their sights on hosting an annual book sale, many pop-up book sales throughout the summer, an auction, and an annual garage sale that includes the Rotary Community Garden members as well as the local Radium Volunteer Fire Department. In my opinion, this group NEEDED something to identify who they were and what they were fundraising for. So I submitted an application asking for funds to be able to provide them with t-shirts so that they would stand out in the crowd and be recognized as volunteers for the library. This group has formed a strong community bond, and new members continue to join. They are out and about in the community raising funds for the library, and you cannot miss them in their bright purple shirts! Thank you, NSG for giving me this opportunity to support such a dedicated and deserving group of community members!

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