My goal was to encourage our Seniors in Port Hardy to stay safe, strong and well during this unprecedented pandemic time by providing nourishing and delicious goody bags. I wanted them to know that they were not forgotten and to let them know they are often thought about. Approximately 180 goody bags were delivered – they had crackers, cheese, chocolate and a personalized handwritten card – This project was well received by members of Hardy Bay Seniors. Many compliments and thanks were expressed by many people.  Check out a few of them below:

“Today’s goody bag had so many treats, and a special gift. It is truly appreciated. I am looking forward to the lovely looking dinner, but have gazed at the goodies First! My thanks to all who shared in the work of all that has arrived on my doorstep.”

“Thank you HBS, I got my ninja bag…much appreciated! ❤️”

“Thank you so much for the Ninja Goody Bag, what a lovely surprise, both Dennis and I enjoyed discovering the surprises inside. Hope we will be back together again soon. Miss you folks!”

“Thank you for the goody bag such a nice treat. Thank you to all the who put them together.”

“Good morning, What a lovely surprise. Coming home to a goodie bag full of thoughtful items. Much Love!”

“We loved the contents of the goody bag John and I received was such a nice surprise. Thank you to all those that worked so hard on this project”

“Thank you so much, it was fun seeing all the contents. Especially thanks for The card.”

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