With the help of NSG we were able to do much needed upgrades to our community garden art park this spring. With the fund we built a new arbor for the front entrance, and decked it out with a garden bed beside. The arbor was built with concrete footing so it sturdy, and built with reclaimed cedar and new scorched posts that will surely last a long time. Our resident builder, Kile, went to quick but finessed work to complete it’s build and the community seems happy with the results! For the last 3 years him and I have been toiled away paying out of pocket to grow this space so it felt like a breeze having a little bit of backing to go to work. We also got some soil which helped us rebuild out the garden beds and plant lots of veggies and flowers of many types! Looking forward to those strawberries once they are ready! The park is built in the foundation of an old building that was once beside the old mill that is now shut down. I painted a giant mural along the back wall and alot of helping hands helped us clean it up of all the trash and transform it into a place to have a peaceful moment and enjoy nature even though you are right beside the architecture of a massive mill site.
Thank you for your support and we are excited to continue adding to this community spot, as daily it is utilized for the towns enjoyment!

A link to other photos:
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