An exceptional warm and sunny afternoon on November 20, the free public event The Giving Heart Community Feast & Holiday Season Celebration 2019 was hosted at Richmond Caring Place. Cross-cultural learning and understanding groups, elders and youth, men and women, families and kids, rich and poor, working class, military, veterans, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, homeless, and those who would otherwise be alone on this holiday season came to the tables in fellowship, food, music, poetry reading, stories sharing, lucky draw and more.
We have roasted turkeys, pig, geese, ducks, salmon, ham, vegetables, fruits, cakes, desserts and many more.
We also prepared cakes for those who had birthday in October, November and December. We invited them to the stage, and all sang the birthday song together to wish them a happy birthday.
When the 100 seats were taken, we offered whoever showed up by the door to take the food to go. When almost everyone had their food on their plates, we still had more than a half food left on the tables – many people took the food home – thanks to each and every of our sponsors and volunteers we prepared more than 300 pounds food and we sent posters and invitations to various places that most needed.
It was more than just hot food, we actually dine together, enjoy the meal, music, poetry reading and stories sharing. It was truly a feast.
This event achieved the following goals:
• Connected people with a wide range of interests, backgrounds and experiences;
• Increased sense of belonging and responsibility to our communities;
• Better understanding for groups of people and individuals with variation in race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, geographical area, etc.;
• Shared knowledge and develop grassroots creativity and leadership skills;
• Celebrated diversity and Canadian cultures, traditions, and customs of the world;
• Appreciated the professionals and volunteers that are delegated in community capacity building.
Sincere Thanks to:
City of Richmond
Richmond Cares Richmond Gives
Vancouver Foundation
Small Neighbourhood Grant
Richmond Caring Place
Special thanks to:
Chateau Helena JPC Group
Organizers: sponsors, volunteers and supporters with hearts of Gold
WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society
Chateau Helena
JPC Group
Red Leaf Multicultural Troupe (Member Organization of WS Multicultural Services Society)
Poet Engineering Group (Member Organization of WS Multicultural Services Society)
Vancouver Ballroom Dancing Enthusiasts (Member Organization of WS Multicultural Services Society)
WS Media
WS Choir
WS Recitation
WS Multicultural Writers Group

For more info please check:
• Richmond News on November 20, 2019:…
• Sophia Zhang Youtube:
Sincerely thanks to Artists JiLiang Yao, Bi-Gong, Joanne Wing, Liang-deng to donating their paintings, calligraphies and book to this free public event.
Sincerely thanks to Roast Goose King for donating the delicious Roast Turkeys, Geese and ducks to this free public event.
Sincerely thanks to AimForce Development Group for donating hundreds of bottles of water to this free public event.
Thanks to all the Media including Richmond News.

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