The goal for was that the Knitting Club will help build friendship between members of the community, give back to others, create a place for community members to feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging.
The Knitting Club created a great environment for members of the community to come together every Monday from 10 am to 12 noon to connect and build friendships. We started with 3 members but have grown to about 15 members that attend the Knitting Club regularly.
Our Winter Project produced over 135 items – scarves, blankets, toques, socks, booties, etc. and more are in the works!
On Nov. 21, 2016, the Knitting Club visited the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter and presented toques and scarves to them. It was great to see the PS at RSN giving back to the community.
I am so pleased to add that during our visit to the Salvation Army Shelter, one of the community members of the Knitting Club connected with the Shelter Manager regarding an accommodation for the grandson at the shelter. The relationship that was birth during this visit could go along way to benefit the community member and her family. That was wonderful to see!
The Knitting Club visited the BC Cancer Agency on Wednesday, November 23rd and presented scarves, toques, blankets, booties, etc.
The Knitting Club has brought together peoples of different nationality, cultures and languages; providing inclusive community where everybody feels welcome. Thus, the Knitting Club has created a forum for community members to connect and develop friendship, support group; working together to produce items that meet the needs of the needy in the community.

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