“The Orchard” is a unique neighbourhood in the small village of New Denver. Before WW2, it was an orchard. May 1942, it became the site of a Japanese Internment Camp. 1600 Japanese, many Canadian citizens, were interned there in 275 identical tar paper shacks. Friends of The Orchard is a group of neighbours who hope to preserve the unique historic nature of the neighbourhood in this age of gentrification. Over 100 neighbours and their guests arrived for a potluck dinner (only 87 houses in the whole neighbourhood) to enjoy a lovely September evening and appreciate the newly created Logo for the Friends Of the Orchard. All asked to do this again next year. “Friends” have gotten together in the past to help restore some of the remaining historical buildings and to Firesmart some of the abandoned properties. It all takes a lot of labour, and it’s good to have a celebration that didn’t require any shovelling, digging or dump runs. And get a chance to dream about projects going forward.

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