Many thanks to New Westminster Neighborhood Small Grants, especially Maylen Crespo, for providing us with the support necessary to put on this event.
There were over 50 people attended the picnic. Thank you to everyone for coming out, we hope you enjoyed! 🙂
Historic story-telling, treasure-hunting, national flags showing, photo taking were the main activities of the event.
Shelagh, one of our English Circle Volunteers, provided the following feedback:
“Please pass on to all the committee members my congratulations for a very happy and successful event last Saturday! It took a great deal of thought, time, energy and work to make it such a success and I thank you all for giving this gift.” – Shelagh
I want to take the time to thank the following individuals for their help and contributions in making this event possible and fun for everyone who attended.
Thanks to Joy and her team, who organized the treasure hunts. Thank you, Dorothy and Umbelina, who crafted together the beautiful flags.
Thanks to Dorothy, Sam, Tony who shared their stories about Canada, British Columbia, and New Westminster.
Thanks to Susanna, Lor, Shelagh, Dorothy, Stephanie, Joy,Cheddar, Debbie and the beautiful lady (whose name, I apologize, I cannot recall) for bringing all the delicious food and helping out during the event.
Thanks to Jack and Edward, our volunteer photographers, who took beautiful pictures for everyone.
Thank you to New Westminster Dairy Queen, for donating the delicious ice cream cake.
Finally, my special thanks to the orginizing event committee members: Stephanie Crosbie, Dorothy, Joy. Thank you so much for all your hard work in organizing this event. I feel blessed to have been a part of this great team.
Thank you again for the great community. See you guys next year. 🙂

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