We had our block party!!!!

June 2022 had been a very rainy month, but on the afternoon of June 11th, the day our block party was scheduled, the rain stopped in the afternoon, the clouds cleared, and we had sunshine for the block party! Our party planning team was so relieved. Our party was planned with the intention of neighbours reconnecting after COVID. There have been many changes in the neighbourhood over the last two years. About 50 people came to the party over the evening – young families, new families to the neighbourhood, and long-time families. Everyone mingled and connected and had a blast. We ordered pizza, and the last slices were happily finished off by a few teenagers on the street. Now when we see people on the street or in front of their house doing yard work, there are smiles and hellos. The goal of reconnecting the neighbourhood has started. The party was a huge success, and people are asking when the next one will be 🙂
Thank you to the Neighbourhood Small Grants for giving us the opportunity and funds to put on a fantastic event in our neighbourhood.

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