The Seafood District of Gabriola Island ( Tle:Ltxw) had the most wonderful time. The 3 people planning had a blast scheming this fun neighbourhood hang and the BBQ went really really well. 80 out of 100 folks invited came and we ate lots of yummy BBQ food , salads and made merry in each others’ company!! Our neighbourhood has had a massive turnover in residents the pandemic and it was so fun to see the new smiling faces all interacting with the older faces we all have seen forever here. I made a big sheet of pollinator seeds embedded into paper and wrote the TLE:LTXw into it and folks tore off pieces to dig into their own gardens in a wild spot for the bees. we had name tags and one of our organizers(Pam) made a giant sign welcoming everyone…it was a blast. We didn’t run up against any challenges except from neighbours who thought a BBQ should run a certain way(from long past neighbourhood BBQ parties i guess…before my time) but other than changing mindsets and making folks feel welcome, we let the party run itself. We went door to door to do face-to-face invites with each household and found that helped folks connect names/faces and invites to the organizers really effectively. In the end, the 3 planners we were tired but thrilled with the day and are having our debrief meeting later this week. Thank you SO MUCH to the Nanaimo Foundation/Vancouver Foundation for this amazing initiative, putting money into small community events is brilliant!

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