The homeowners of Toronto Avenue were thrilled to be awarded with a Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) this year from the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen and the City of Penticton.
The team is thrilled with the elements that transpired for the event and we have listed them below:
We asked the City to put together information on water conservation, compositing/recycling information, etc and gave out a bag each household that dropped by for the day – any left over bags were hand delivered to the properties that were not able to make it
In line with our beautification theme – we asked Benjamin Moore to participate – they donated 10% coupons for all households and the coupons will be added to the grab bags we have prepared
We have built a “Lending Library” and are in the final stages – we only need to host a ‘raise the roof’ unveiling event/photo opportunity once we cement the post into the ground! On the day of the event we assembled the sections of library at a construction table – the wood was donated by Dean and Dawn and is recycled from their old home when they took it down – so a piece of their original home will always be on the street 🙂 – we also painted the tiles – see below for more information
IGA again confirmed their support and we will be purchasing hot dogs for the BBQ and a yummy cake to take our picture with
Beatrice and her team from the neighbourhood made mini ‘house number’ tiles that were painted on the day of and then attached to the lending library – 24 in total including a commemorative tile for “Sep 30th 17”
We have reached out to RONA Penticton and requested some brochures, etc., we received some very cool items for the homeowners give-away bags plus four buckets that we used for the tie-dye station
Tim Horton’s came on board and donated the hot chocolate and coffee, there was water and juice from IGA – so everyone one covered when it came to something to drink
One of the children on our street donated a ton of kids white t-shirts with his green monster artwork on the front – that we used for the tie-dye station and give aways
Arbourist Phil Rippin visited 5 homes on the street to access their trees – each homeowner received a summary of his visit outlining the health of the trees on their property and recommendations to keep them healthy
We also asked homeowners to take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of their ‘beautification’ projects…..we have already received some!!
We invited dignitaries to attend and were thrilled to have Judy Sentes, Councillor drop by with her granddaughter – she had a fantastic time with the chalk art, making a tie-dye t-shirt, painting a house tile, enjoying a hot dog and of course a piece of cake!
The Toronto Avenue Residents have a dedicated Facebook page the we use to post pictures from the event and keep our residents up-to-date on activities and City items that are take place
We are really excited on how everything came together!! We were thrilled to receive the opportunity to celebrate our neighbourhood together!!!
Barb and the Toronto Avenue Residents Team

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