On the scene of the event, Teacher Yao focused intently on wielding the brush and splashing ink. The ink danced on the rice paper, forming the character “荷” (lotus) and various postures of lotus leaves vividly on the paper. Every stroke seemed alive, exuding vitality. Gathered around Teacher Yao, everyone sat quietly, observing his creative process, as if collectively experiencing the concentration and inspiration alongside the artist.

The activity room brimmed with communication and sharing. People not only admired the artworks but also discussed the allure of art and the inspiration behind creations. Hearts opened wide as they shared their dedication, understanding, and insights into art, resembling a group of calligraphers and painters inspiring, communicating, and exploring with each other.

The overall ambiance transported individuals to a world full of creativity and imagination. Each person became both a creator and an appreciator of art, collaboratively crafting a splendid artistic tapestry.

Subsequently, the attendees took turns showcasing their own works.

The calligraphy strokes of the participants were bold and vigorous, with a restrained and ancient form, evoking a sense of antiquity and solemnity.

In regular script, the brushwork alternated between thick and thin, exuding a sharp edge while maintaining a fluid and robust flow.

Cursive script flowed like running water, with interconnected characters and a sense of rhythm in the strokes.

The participants’ landscape paintings were majestic. Details such as trees, grasslands, and architecture were meticulously rendered, adding richness and interest to the scenes. The branches and leaves of the trees, along with the colours and textures of the grass, demonstrated the artist’s sensitivity to nature’s minutiae. Several landscape pieces exuded an ethereal and tranquil ambiance as if transporting the viewers to a serene world. The colours and handling of light and shadow in the images were ingenious, creating a grand and magnificent visual effect.

Various floral and fauna paintings by the participants showcased vivid colours and skillful handling of light and shadow, infusing the scenes with dynamism and aesthetic beauty while capturing intricate details.

Together, they appreciated and exchanged ideas about using traditional Chinese ink and brush techniques to depict Canadian features: raccoons, indigenous totems, eagles, waterfalls, and promoting Canada’s multiculturalism.

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