More than 60 people trashed their prejudices (aka preconceptions, judgements, biases, generalizations, stereotyping…) at Queen’s Park on Canada Day.
We bought a trash bin, pens and index cards, and asked people to write a prejudice they had heard or felt on one side, on the other a bias or prejudice they have.
Then Trash It!
There were a few quirky responses (apparently the Pattullo Bridge carries its share of animosity) but, over and again we were overwhelmed with the weight that people carry.
One young woman wrote down words that had been aimed at her, screwed the paper up, and flung it into the bin. She smiled and you could see the change in her demeanor as those words lost their power.
Feel free to borrow the bins and cards for any event or project. It’s simple, but the response will amaze you.

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