Prior to this get together for Truro Drive, we dropped off flyers about the party on August 11, 2019 from 3:30 – 6:30. We asked for RSVP’s by July 30, but did not receive many replies, so we went door to door to personally ask people the week before. We got a good response, so we looked forward to seeing up to 90 people.
About 1:00 pm we started setting up at the north corner of our street with some decorating tents and tables we were able to borrow. We had lots of help so it was a quick setup.
We got all the pizzas, sandwich platters, drinks and desserts set up as well as a table with name tags for everyone. People began trickling down to the corner and before you knew it we had over 90 people there.
It was great to see all the neighbours connecting with each other and sharing where they lived on the street.
After the event I was able to update many contacts for the block watch as well as get many new registrations.
The whole purpose of the event was to get everyone get to know each other better and know their neighbours! I think we accomplished this. Now as we see each other, I see people waving at each other and being more friendly towards each other. Making those connections is so important to creating a fun and safe neighbourhood. We thank the Neighbourhood small grants program for the donation of $500 to purchase food for the event. In future years, we would like to do the same thing but invite a bike registration or RCMP to the event.

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