In my neighbourhood, it’s common to see children playing soccer in the fields. Watching them, I felt a strong eagerness to share the skills and techniques I learned from soccer clubs and camps. This became the motivation behind organizing this camp. Various equipment was essential to conduct the camp successfully. Thanks to the UBC grant, I was able to purchase the necessary items that greatly enhanced our training sessions. While promoting the program and recruiting participants, I sought assistance from the local community. Their support not only made the camp successful but also instilled a sense of pride and belonging in me about being a part of this community. Even though it spanned only two days, witnessing the children hone their basic skills and embrace team spirit and sportsmanship was immensely rewarding. Managing young kids posed the most significant challenge. However, with the invaluable support from my friend, we could navigate through issues seamlessly. After the camp ended, many participants and their parents left positive messages. Through their heartwarming messages, it was evident how much they enjoyed and benefited from the camp. Their feedback inspired me to think about making this more than just a one-off event and perhaps a recurring activity. I believe that the camp not only developed individual skills but also strengthened community ties. It fostered unity among the children, and the shared experiences resonated throughout the neighbourhood, creating a closer, more connected community.

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