Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking workshop
I am from the Karnataka state in southern part of India. People in Karnataka speak the Kannada language and are known as Kannadigas. The cuisine we cook is unique and is very special to us. I plan to host a Kannadiga style Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking workshop. This event is FREE and everyone is welcome!
Date: 26th July 2018, Thursday
Time: 5.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue: In the George and Ella Balfour Salons at St. Andrews Wesley Church ,1018 Nelson Street, (Next to Van West College), Vancouver, BC V6E4S7
Last year, to celebrate Canada’s 150th, we hosted an Asian/Indian style Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Workshop. 35 people from different age groups and various ethnicity attended the workshop. We cooked a feast of 13 dishes in 2 hours and then had a long-table style dinner together. The atmosphere was so lively and cheerful. While we were learning to cook, we also had so much fun!
Here is a link to the photos taken during last year’s workshop:…

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