As I think about different issues that we are facing today, there is no better time to exercise being a citizen and being a resident of your community. There is one powerful thing that we can do, VOTE.
Last year, we had municipal elections all over the province. As the election date approached, many of the candidates began popping up on my social media feed explaining their platform.
I thought about that election like an ice cream shop, there were so many flavours (candidates – we had more than 100 in Vancouver) to choose from and it’s overwhelming but I want you to think about things that matters to you and do your research to figure out what flavour best suits your political taste buds.
I recommend attending a meet and greet of your local MPs and ask them in-person about how they are planning to solve problems that matters to you.
During the advanced voting dates of the municipal election, I organized a small advanced voting meet up within my neighbourhood, Renfrew-Collingwood community, where neighbours, friends and family showed up, voted in advance and ate ice cream after at Flip Side Desserts close to our voting station as a treat. About 10 people joined me, and I hope to do this again for the federal election this year, with an even bigger turnout.
We will do brief introductions and briefly talk about issues that are important to us. We will walk altogether to the voting station to exercise our right to vote and to be engaged with our community and its future.
I invite you, as organizers or as community members, to do the same within your community. Involve your community, friends and family to vote during advance voting days in various community centres and locations around your neighbourhood. This guy is offering to make you a sandwich if you vote. Even as little as walking to the polls together with your friends can make a difference. Every vote counts.

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