Waller Court Block Party
* this is our 17th year for the block party
* we have 21 homes in the cul-de-sac and all are invited as well as three other homes that are in the “neighbourhood”
* this year we had 16 homes participating and upwards of 50 people at the event
* we had 3 new families move into the neighbourhood over the past 4 months
* all the neighbours bring either an appetizer, entrée or dessert to the event and we always have a terrific variety of food
* they also bring their own drinks and chairs
* the committee supplies the plates, cutlery and napkins
* this year we used most of the funds to provide a nice neighbourhood gift — a customized “can coller” with the words “Friends & Neighbours are Pleased to Report: Life is Good on Waller Court”
* we did some announcements right after dinner; each family introduced themselves and the three new families were encouraged to speak for about 3 minutes to tell us more about themselves
* did a small piece on neighbourhood security
* most of the event is providing neighbours the opportunity to get to know each other better

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