Water Colour with Us
Gurmat Centre applied for a Neighbourhood Spirit Grant to have local artist lead 24 children over thirteen weeks to paint historical sites in Abbotsford.  The classes were lead by renowned local artist Manjit S. Sandhu.  The grant vetting selection committee supported their application.  The children and youth learned both about important historic sites in Abbotsford to the Sikh community, as well as other historic sites important to the settlement of Abbotsford in general and were taught general watercolour painting techniques.  After the program was completed, the students were invited by The Abbotsford Arts Council to showcase their work for a month in Kariton Gallery.  There was an opening that was highly attended and students and their families were particularly proud of their artistic accomplishments. 
Through the project children felt more a part of Abbotsford and grew their knowledge in Abbotsford historic landmarks, as well as their artistic skills.  
After the opening Zee TV came out and interviewed the young artists, as well as Sophia Suderman, Executive Director of the Abbotsford Arts Council, about the project and what it meant for the students, as well as for Abbotsford.  The interview was shown in both Canada and India.

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