Our event was originally planned for the summer months, but due to neighbour vacation schedules, we opted for a fall celebration. The first weekend was a bust – the rain was a downpour, so we post-pines it again for the last weekend in October – which turned out to be almost summer-like! Success!
Our block party was last run two years ago, and since that time, some of the neighbours were having some relationship break-down. I felt it was time to help get our street ‘neighbourly’ again. So we put together a time of relationship-building over food, games and sharing life.
Our party took place across residential driveways and front lawns. There was a larger driveway for food and conversation, another driveway for street hockey, and a combination of front lawns for games and activities for young children. All had fun.
People brought their own chairs, plates and cutlery, and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal over a mix of Chinese food, a variety of chillis, and snack foods.
The intended outcome was realized as some people forged new relationships for the first time, others continued to build on their friendship, while yet others were able to shake hands over a common table and put their differences behind them (at least for the party). My hope is that relationships are able to continue to develop, and a broader inter-dependence is developed over time as we find more ways to live, work and play together while laughing and even helping each other in our more needy times.
Thank you Vancouver Foundation, for the Neighbourhood Small Grant. We would not have been able to do it without your support!

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