Event Information:

Event Title: Wellbriety
Event Date: Every Wednesday, 5pm – 7pm
Coordinator: Brandy Ritchie
Number of participants: average of 3 per event – 10 events * 3 = 30 total participants

Description of the Event:
Wellbriety is a sustainable grassroots movement aimed at providing culturally based healing for the next seven generations of Indigenous people. Its mission is to disseminate culturally based principles, values, and teachings to support healthy community development and servant leadership, and to support healing from alcohol, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and intergenerational trauma. It is a recovery group where people can meet in a safe, culturally-based environment
Highlights of the Event
● Getting together in a safe place to talk about support systems and create connections with one another
● Offering a smudge (burning sage and covering body in its smoke), prayer and two daily readings pulled from Oracle Cards
● Sharing a meal
● Speakers are brought in to share their experiences on their healing journey:
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