With the growing number of families living in the area, we created our first block party to get to know our neighbours, swap books and kids stuff, play and sing music and eat hotdogs and ice cream. We discussed getting block watch, composting and looking out for each other and who might need help with their kids or older folks and we got to know our neighbours through all the great volunteers and participants. We closed down two streets, though sadly the firetruck and police vehicles never made it so we didn’t have a lot of engagement in the 800 block, but the 900 block was super busy and popular with kids games, dog games, and prizes. The only sour note was the bike riders. 98 % of them refused to get off their bikes unless told to, despite a lot of signage asked them to dismount for the next 1/2 block. Still, many of them refused. They road on the sidewalk and cut past the barriers right through small children playing and swore at volunteers. Their lack of respect was both dangerous and frustrating, especially to all the folks attending, who were regular cyclists. We really couldn’t believe our eyes (and ears)

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