We had decent turn out of people including our nextdoor neighbor , as almost all the food were gone! It was great to get to know all the neighbors, and share food and activities to do.
Thank you to Starbucks at Gardencity for donating a huge jug of coffee for us , as well as cups! Thank you to all of the volunteers, council members of 4099 no 4 rd who helped out to make the event successful and possible.
We had an activity event where we provided everyone with garbage picking sticks and a bag to gather various garbage in the vicinity of the neighborhood. There was QUITE abit of garbage it turns out, and the kids had a blast! The kids exchanged prizes for their collection and seems like most had loads of fun overall. Including the humongous soap bubbles.
In the middle of the event, we had a talk about proper garbage etiquette and demonstrating in multiple languages, what kind of examples of garbage to be thrown into which bin. As well, we talked about parking rules as there seems to be a some (may or may not be living in the complex) who use visitors spots for long term.
Overall, the event positively reinforced community feel and we hope that we can all treat each other as one big family, and encourage responsibility!

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