On August 10th, residents of Pendlebury Park townhouses along with friends & family and neighbours nearby gathered for a recycling themed evening of food and activities in Richmond, BC.
Festive blue and green balloons and signs were put up throughout the complex to welcome the many old and new faces attending this event.
As families signed in, they were kept entertained by a homemade corn-hole carnival game along with recycling-themed poster drawing station and sorting game. City of Richmond recycling phamplets and information were on hand to share with the adults. A specially-curated summer music playlist gently played all evening.
Soon after, the residents chef extraordinaires served up a delicious spread of ham & salmon-burgers, hot dogs, smokies, beef short ribs, salads, fruits & vegetables, and cookies. Parents sat down to chat and dine while the kids zipped in and out between their food and activities. The sweet and tangy Korean style short ribs were especially well-received and went like hot-cakes. And guests enjoyed digging into their custom burgers complete with all the fixings.
As the evening wore on, everyone was served ice cream sandwiches as they gathered in a semi-circle around the fire-pit. To cap the evening, a few words were shared regarding the City’s waste-diversion goals and how the community can enhance their efforts. And some guests were ecstatic to win raffle prizes from A&W and Shopper’s Drug Mart, but ultimately everyone went home happy.
This is our 3rd year organizing an event and it’s enhanced our sense of community and steadily made our neighborhood feel friendlier and safer each time.
A special acknowledgement to the organizers of this year’s BBQ including Matt, David, Chris, Vincent, and Ken.

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