Thank you SNG for funding a Summer BBQ at Windsor Place – 372 E 8th Ave.  It was a nice time to meet neighbours, and as it happened it became a Goodbye Party as just last month we were all told that we needed to leave our homes as the owners will be renovating this apartment over the next year.  Reno-viction! 
So our BBQ on June 7th had hotdogs, chips, drinks, donuts, freezies… a table for moving and housing resources, and a yard sale.  Some neighbours met for the first time, and were able to share their joys and worries about the changes ahead.  Others got to know each other better – there was sharing of stories, business cards and discovery of shared interests. 
Our apartment is located across from Dude Chilling Park, so we also invited people sitting in the park to come over for a hotdog too.  I heard a few people say “This is so nice!” ,  “This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time”, “What friendly people!”.  
Thank you for the funding for this event!  My neighbours and I appreciated it! 

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