On Sunday Oct 23, neighbours residing on 6 different streets that form a big block in the Wolf Creek area of Oliver met for the first Block Party held in the area in over 20 years. Invitations were distributed 2 weeks prior to the event. People brought food items to share and donations to the local food bank, plus enjoyed hot fresh popcorn, hot chocolate and coffee and other snacks provided through the Neighbourhood Small Grant. Children and youth played hockey and other games together on the street and even were invited to check out each others backyards. Adults sat in lawn chairs and stood in groups, chatting and getting to know each other, some who had lived on the same block for decades who had not met before. We even welcomed a new resident who had moved in less than 2 weeks before. One of the major successes of the event was a unanimous decision by those in attendance to hold a Block Party BBQ again in June 2017. Everyone pitched in to clean up together. Very fun afternoon!

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