Originally, I supposed to buy X’mas wreath for my building neighbours, but when I went to the shop, I found that the quantity left from the shop is far away not enough, so I changed the X’mas wreath to X’mas chocolate. I have asked our building manager Eric to help me to print out an notice and put it on the board next to our mail box saying that I have successfully apply “neighbourhood small grants” for our building, the first 30 families who had registered can get free X’mas Chocolate from Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives | For Community. Eric is with me to deliver the chocolate, both of us were put on the mask for safety requirement,all the neighbours were very happy to receive it. Through this activity, I knew more neighbours in my building and they get to know me as well. All of them showed their appreciation and wish each other Merry X’mas. I was so glad that I have done this activity. If possible, I would like to apply the same in the next year coming Chinese lunar New Year. I went to Costco twice, because I found the chocolate I bought was on sale in the following week, so I made a price adjustment at the customer service station, and I spent the balance to buy more boxes of chocolates so that the more families can get free chocolate. I was so proud that I did this, through this activity, I learned that neighbours did need to know each other more.

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