Our project was more successful than imagined. We originally had planned to target our Indigenous female high school students who expressed interest in skateboarding. When we received gear donations from the community of Salt Spring and extra funding from NSG to provide equipment, many more youth became involved. We were able to hold after school skate sessions with any student interested after school in the spring. As well, we used a field trip opportunity in Campbell River to take high school students to an amazing skate park there. This fall we will skateboard on Quadra Island. If future fundraising allows, we hope to teach students more about skateboard etiquette, how to build their own setup, and even do an art project with a skate deck. We have also been referred to Joe Buffalo and an Indigenous skate club from the mainland about visiting our community to talk about Indigenous representation and participation in the sport. NSG helped as plant a strong seed of interest with our youth, and we can’t wait to see what directions we grow!

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