My name is Amber Bruner and I am a licensed Zumba Instructor. My goal for this project was to help as many people as I could become happier and healthier by moving their bodies. Our current situation with COVID continues to be a struggle both physically and mentally for so many during these unprecedented times. I was honored to have the opportunity to partner with Nanaimo Foundation and offer FREE Zoom Zumba Classes to foster well-being in our community and alleviate social isolation all while getting an amazingly fun workout from the comfort and safety of the participants own home!

During the month of June 2021 we hosted over 9 hours of classes and helped over 150 people Zumba and move their bodies all while having a HUGE smile on their face. We started class early and had “team time” to just chat and catch up. Building a sense of community and social connection was key. Some of the participants shared that they were feeling very isolated and looked forward to this healthy social connection. We had participant range from the age of 16 – 79!! Over the course of this project we built a sense of belonging, met new people, moved our bodies & made this unprecedented time of living through a pandemic bearable and even exciting. Participants shared that they felt amazing after class and were stoked and looking forward to the next class! This project was a HUGE success!!!

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