Our project to support neighbourhood seniors came about because seniors in our neighbourhood have experienced many changes in their lives, many of which are health-related. Falling ill, dealing with depression, sickness or the loss of a family member or friend can result in isolation and loneliness.
Able Seniors lead by Alice, Cora and Virgie decided to reconnect the seniors and their families in the neighbourhood. We planned two events; one in the summer taking advantage of the warm weather and a second event in the fall that featured pumpkin carving. The outdoor activity was fun – the Zumba at the park was an instant success! As soon as the sound of music started to play, seniors and parents with their small children in the park came together. The crowd around the group stopped and joined in, they cheered everyone, clapping, swaying their hips and stumping their feet! Under the trees, by the park, conversation started. We met familiar faces, new neighours were introduced and old friendships rekindled. Likewise, the pumpkin carving was a new experience for most of us and became a great conversation piece. Seniors with language barriers were able to share their ideas through drawings and carvings. Connections were instant, and faces were lit up with smiles! Thank you for this opportunity!

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