Last weekend, we had more than 50 players and many more spectators from close and far gathering at the community hall and sitting around the chess boards. Over 24 kids were playing with each other and were so happy to spend time together! Later 32 players got together in the adult division to determine Tofino’s Chess Master. In addition no NSG funding, the project was also supported by other community donations & gift cards were SO appreciated by all participants. Everyone was sipping Tofino Kombucha all day, snacking fruits and muesli bars sponsored by COOP, the kids enjoyed the yummy pizza moto for lunch, adults appreciated their Tacofino burrito break to mingle & hang out together – such a get together was way overdue after all these Covid months (years!!) and it was so awesome to see how chess could bring together people from all of our communities. Semi-finalists and finalists in both divisions were STOKED and THANKFUL for the incredible prizes you all contributed. And every little participant got a giftcard from Chocolate Tofino, they loved it! Thank you!

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