Canada means a safe place for those many who are struggling financially and for those who have their lives threatened in their home country. Many people come to Canada hoping that a temporary job will help, and others come just to continue breathing alive. However, starting a new life is not that easy: language, cultural shock, deceitful job contracts, and so on, is a heavy burden to overcome, especially if you are alone out of your country.
Those are the stories of those students enlisted in a free ESL course designed specifically for them, Latin Americans, thanks to Collingwood Neighbourhood House LINC Program, Dignidad Migrante, and my help as an educator.
This party was supported by the Neighbourhood Small Grants NSG project. The intention was to have those students get to know another face of the Canadian living, the friendship, the welcoming, the joy of the summer while tasting a yummy barbeque.
We organized together the entire party: planned the activities ahead, did the shopping, cleaned the house before and after, prepared the ingredients, cooked the food… and then we danced our joyful Latin American music…!
My students and I are very thankful for those persons and institutions who made this experience possible, both learning English and sharing a warm, brief space for kindness.

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