At the beginning of the year, members of the Block Watch Program from 4 different townhouse complexes in the McLennan North area got together to plan a block party for the neighourhood. As none of us had much, if any, experience throwing a big public event like this, all of us were learning as we went. The hardest part was getting the permit from the city to use a public park for the event. Though the application was pretty simple as it was all done through one website to get approval form various government departments, some things, like insurance cost and food safe requirement, did catch us off guard a bit. Still, we managed to pull everything together just in time and the party was a go! We had a decent turn out (close to what we had anticipated) and even had some kind RCMP officers join us for our BBQ. Leading up to the party, at times it seemed like it was a lot of work for 2 hours of fun, but in the end, it was worth it and we all got to meet a few new friends.

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