We started our project with a plan to help some families in our community with everyday grocery items, household supplies and if possible maybe a little school supplies and crafts for younger children.
We made a budget and priced out some of the basic items before applying for our grant.
With the amazing help that we recieved from NSG and some donations from a local business we were able to reach 5 large families and 2 seniors.
We decided to deliver the hampers anonymously and some of the smiles we were able to see as we watched people discover their hampers were wonderful and so very encouraging.
We did run into some walls with local businesses as we looked for donations for our families as most businesses wanted a tax exemption number to make a donation. As we are only local community members and not a charitable organization we were not able to secure help from most of the businesses we approached. We did meet some wonderful people and a couple of businesses who are willing to help in a small way(and as we all know a little love goes a long way ) and we also discovered more families needing a little extra love right now.
We learned that we can do a lot more than we think we are capable of and that there are many caring people around us if we just look for them.

Thank you so much NSG and all the wonderful people who help to keep it going.
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