Book Project: A Taste of Home away from Home

The project went well with many responses from the refugees community who are eager to contribute to this meaningful project. The book project was kickstarted in August, and a week later Afghanistan underwent a change of government. This crisis then brought a refocus to the content of the book to include a special section on Afghanistan. Considering the kite flying cultures of Afghanistan, we initiated a kite painting campaign to ask the community to paint a craft kite to send our blessings and prayers to the people of Afghanistan. The painted kites, together with other art drawings by refugees and new migrants on the theme of “Home away from Home” composed the first section of the book. The community response was overwhelming.

The second section of the book consists of ethnic recipes collected from our refugee friends, with step by steps photo instruction. Through cooking together and working together the content of the book, closer relationship was fostered, and may felt empowered and accepted to be able to contribute for a good cause. The book is now published and will be donated to library and non-profits working with refugees. The fund received helped with the printing costs of the book.

Overall, this is an exciting project that worths all the time and effort in the publishing of the book.
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