Times are hard for everyone because of Covid-19, but seniors are often isolated at the best of times. Lillooet youth wanted to reach out to our seniors and let them know they are valued. Many children took time to create beautiful cards with simple messages, some in our St’at’imc language. These cards will be placed in bags with information to be distributed to each senior over the coming months.

Richelle and Rebekka Gauer lead the project, and Yvonne, Zoey and Emma DeHaan helped launch it. A space rented by the Library for special programs was utilized with all safety measures in mind. There was fun and joy to be had during the creative process. It brought warm feelings to all to think of perhaps putting a smile on a lonely person’s face.

We also then contacted the three local schools – George M Murray Elementary, Cayoosh Elementary and Lillooet Secondary School to let them know about the youth to senior art project and they were excited to take part. Over 200 cards were made by these students and we thank the students.

Watercolour landscapes, colour blends, stamps and splashes were some of the preferred techniques, while tissue paper, mod podge, stickers and hole punches were also favourites. Card stock was used for drawings and watercolour paper was used for paintings. There were over 400 cards made. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding project for all, and we look forward to hearing about the seniors’ reactions to the art cards.

Without the Neighbourhood Small Grants program we could not have purchased the watercolour paper, card stock and art supplies to do this project. Thank you!

Richelle: “It is nice to do something for other people.”

Rebekka: “I really enjoyed it and it is nice making seniors smile.”
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